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Meet “The Quint”

Our logo gets its name from the word Quintessence, meaning “the most perfect or typical example of quality or class.” The Quint also symbolizes the five interlocking squares that form our logo and represent the five core values that guide us every day, as well as our five brand pillars. The overall gem-like pattern illustrates the many facets of our property, while the symmetry of the squares brings focus to the center, or the sweet spot, where all aspects of life are in harmony.

At the overlap of The Quint’s five interlocking squares are a core of nine smaller squares. Nine is considered a lucky number and symbolizes eternity. As the highest single-digit number, it also represents completeness. Marrying East and West, The Quint’s central five-square design illuminates the Five Elements Theory, a philosophy centered on wood, fire, earth, metal and water and how these elements interact with each other—both in nature and in the life force.