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Spa Options When Expecting

Take a moment to review our Spa options when you are expecting.


Despite what some may say, in the months and weeks leading up the arrival of your new bundle of joy, your skin and body go thru dramatic changes that can leave you feeling far from glowing! That’s why we have created these special spa offerings to support you while you embrace this special time in your life and help you to look and feel your best while baby is on board. To best support your existing pregnancy care plan, we ask that you seek clearance from your medical professional before engaging in any of our pre-natal spa services. 


50 Minutes, $155 per person

A gentle replenishing and harmonizing facial designed just for expecting Moms! After analyzing the skin to identify imbalances and hormonal influences on the skin, our estheticians harness the power of gentle-yet-effective botanically based products to address unique prenatal skincare needs.


50 Minutes, $160 per person
80 Minutes, $220 per person
Couples: 50 Minutes, $170 per person
Couples: 80 Minutes, $230 per person

Gentle Swedish massage with skin nourishing sunflower oil infused with Geranium, Grapefruit and Lavender essences supports balance and harmony of body and mind during pregnancy. This certified organic body oil helps reduce tension and is especially supportive for mothers-to-be. Unscented massage oil can be substituted upon request and is recommended during 1st trimester.