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Dominion Tea Inova wellness tasting lab

A Healthier Lifestyle Starts With a Cup of Tea

Together, Lansdowne Resort and Spa and Inova will provide the community with tailored wellness immersion weekends filled with inspiring practices that can be woven into everyday life. All wellness activities have been tested under the guidance of Inova Medical Group, and are presented at the inspiring setting of Lansdowne Resort and Spa. The entire journey will commence with guests being invited to join Dominion Tea, in a tea tasting lab, to sample their newest flavors and blends, allowing the mind and senses to be immersed into a weekend of relaxation and self-discovery to a healthier lifestyle

Why tea? 

Drinking three cups a day may help keep the doctors away…well maybe not, but it’s really good for you! Tea can be known to enhance your eye health, reduce your risk of stroke, sharpen your memory, improve your digestion, reduce your blood pressure, strengthen your immune system and help with managing stress and anxiety. Unlike coffee or other caffeinated drinks, tea can provide natural energy and should be included in every healthy lifestyle to keep your body in perfect harmony.


How to drink it?

There isn’t a right way to drink tea but there is a healthy way. Dominion Tea is a loose leaf tea company that provides tea drinkers with a variety of healthy and exotic blends. Unlike store bought and bagged teas which are usually the dust and leftover pieces of tea leaves, loose leaf tea is full bodied, filled with healthy antioxidants and essential oils.  Hillary Coley, owner of Dominion Tea, instructs that the best way to drink tea is without additives and steamed to the proper temperature. Dominion Tea houses a selection of white teas, green teas, oolong teas, black teas, tisanes, yellow teas, puerh teas that all have different brewing instructions to ensure proper taste.

Dominion tea is a Virginian family owned business that provides quality tea to our community. Through our wellness programming we are hoping to provide the community with tools and guidance to a healthier lifestyle.


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Dominion Tea is with hot tea setup from a bird view angle

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