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Planning the Most Amazing Wedding Proposal

Anthony had been planning for close to a year, a very detailed timeline for the day he would ask his girlfriend of two years, Yijing, for her hand in marriage. The idea to find a location that would be able to have fireworks during the day he would propose was essential. He started this search close to a year ago that could execute a romantic dinner and eventually lead Yijing to a location to propose and surprise her with a beautiful fireworks display. The perfect location with an inspiring and romantic setting was without doubt, Lansdowne Resort and Spa in Leesburg, Virginia. With the support of the Lansdowne team, this vision would soon grow into a larger and more romantic wedding engagement, accompanied by a video to help tell this love story! Check out the full video and learn below how to plan a wedding proposal from Anthony himself!


Main Timeline 
  • 0800-1500 - Anthony will arrive at Lansdowne to answer any questions and to assist in any way possible. If there needs to be wires spliced or snow to be shoveled, I will be available during this time frame. 

  • 1800-1830 - Anthony will arrive with Yijing in the main lobby of Lansdowne resort. Upon arrival, Mr. Anderson will be there to inform us that he will be conducting/videotaping the interview. The interview's purpose is masked as a Lansdowne's project that captures couples celebrating their Valentine ’s Day at the resort. The interview will take place in the Presidential Suite. 

  • 1830-1930 - The interview will conclude between 1830-1845. Anthony will escort Yijing to restaurant (Piedmont's Table Restaurant) to begin dinner.

  • 1930-1932 - Anthony will text Mr. Anderson to confirm that he and proposal site is ready 

  • 1932-1935 - Anthony will ask Yijing to come outside for some fabricated reason (star gazing or a nice walk outside at 20 degrees). He will escort her to the proposal area as reflected in the diagram. 

  • 1935-1945 - While at the proposal area, Anthony will pick up the stage 1 remote and initiate the first stage of the display. The first stage gerbs will ignite. 5 to 10 seconds later, the shroud covering the sign will be removed while flood lights will illuminate the contents. When the sign illuminates, Anthony will ask Yijing to marry her. 

  • If she agrees, Anthony will then pick up the stage 2 remote and pass it to her. The remote will say “Press button to confirm answer”. When the button is pressed, the second stage gerbs will ignite and the 2 minute firework show will begin. Throughout this process, the photographer will take photos and adjust angles/camera settings at his discretion. See below for key moments that need to be captured. 

  • 1945-2030 - Anthony will escort Yijing back to the dinner table to finish desert and take any additional photos. Anthony and Yijing will depart the restaurant at approximately 2030. 

The Details

The scheduled date for the event is Thursday 16 February 2017. The backup rain date is on Friday, 17 February 2017. I will monitor the weather situation and inquire whether the event can still occur. If for some reason both dates are canceled, I will work to reschedule a date pending permit approval. It is my understanding that submitting another application will incur an additional filing fee. 

Pyrotechnics company -  Refer to to the images for the approximate placement of all personnel and equipment. 

  • The areal display zone is offset to the right of the sign (refer to diagram) 
  • Each phase is initiated by 2 separate remotes. The stage 2 remote has additional requirements (refer to diagram) 
  • Please ensure that the aerial display has a clear line of sight from the spectators vantage point and that the height of the sign or the ignition height of the gerbs will not obstruct the view 
  • The sign contents are obscured to prevent the revelation of its contents prior to stage 1 ignition 
  • During stage 1 ignition, the contents of the sign are clearly visible and easy to read 

Lansdowne Resort and Spa 

The dinner time has been finalized and is set for Thursday 16 February 2017 at 1830. The seafood entrees have been confirmed as follows: 

  • 1st course Appetizer: Seared Scallop, Wild Mushroom Ragu, Sherry Vinaigrette 
  • 2nd course Pasta: Lobster Ravioli with Green onions & Caviar finished in rich lobster butter 
  • 3rd Course Fish: Pan roasted Halibut On Roasted Garlic Risotto, Sautéed Spinach & Charred Lemon Burre Blanc 
  • 4th Course: Dessert: Warm Molten Chocolate Cake, Red Wine Marinated Cherries, Chocolate Tuile & Vanilla Ice Cream 

Per the previous phone conversations, Mr. Anderson has been requested to also capture this moment in video. Where cameras are placed and how the shots will be taken are being coordinated between Ms. Crisafulli and Mr. Anderson. Exterior driving range flood lights will be shut off to ensure ambient illumination will not reveal the setup prior to launch. 


Camera settings, lens type, shot angles etc. are largely left to Mr. Anderson's’ artistic discretion. There are a few key moments during the proposal that I would like captured however. They are listed below: 

  • When I initiate the first stage of the display 
  • When I propose to Yijing (will be on a knee) 
  • When I hand Yijing the stage 2 switch and she presses it 
  • When we watch the fireworks display together throughout the course of the display, please take as many photos as possible and at different angles that you feel would make a good photograph. At the end of the display, we may request additional gratuitous vanity shots around the resort. A video portion has also been added. We will meet Mr. Anderson at the main lobby and be escorted to the Presidential Suite for the interview. The purpose of this interview is to provide a voice over for the video that will capture this event. Mr. Anderson will be taking video of the restaurant, proposal site and hotel throughout the evening.

Plan your love story with us too, reach us at 703-729-8400 and ask to talk to one of our Event Planners. Book our romantic packages for the lover in you at Virginia's favorite wine country retreat!

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