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The Good Life with the McListers

The Good Life at Lansdowne Resort and Spa can't get any better than this! Meet Tricia McLister, Senior Sales Manager, her brother Tim McLister, Recreation Sales Manager and their cousin, Natalie McLister, Executive Meetings Manager, all working at Lansdowne in the Sales Department! Our Lansdowne family has grown in these past 5 years with the addition of these three individuals who teach us day to day, the value of family and caring for each other. 

Get to know Tricia, Tim and Natalie a little bit more with some fun questions!

  1. An introduction of each with your name, position and when you started and how you are related
    Tricia McLister, Senior Sales Manager. Has been working at Lansdowne for 5 years. Tricia is Tim’s sister and cousin’s with Natalie from their fraternal side.
    Tim McLister, Recreation Sales Manager. Started working at Lansdowne this summer of 2017.
    Natalie McLister, Executive Meetings Manager. Joined Lansdowne in April 2014. Tricia and Tim are two of her many cousins from her dad’s side of the family.

  2. What is your favorite family vacation or time of the year that you spent together that you enjoy the most. Any fun facts about it?
    Tricia: We host the entire McLister family at my parents’ house for Christmas each year, 1 grandma, 7 kids + their significant others = 15 + 26 grandchildren = 41 people + some dogs. It’s crowded! We’d always do a gingerbread house smashing! All the little cousins get to destroy the gingerbread house and keep the candy. We all do a secret Santa where all the cousins have to pick out of a hat and have to buy a gift for that cousin.
    Tim: In 2008, we traveled to Germany and toured all of the major historical landmarks. It was a surreal experience. In addition, my father and Uncle Pat (Natalie's dad) are very close, so our families often travel to Deep Creek lake together. We get out to the lake when we can and ski in the winter.
    Natalie: Our entire family spent a weekend at our aunt’s bay house last year to celebrate our grandma’s 80th birthday party, complete with a crab feast, boating, and Olympic games. We take competition very seriously- we even had a referee and awarded prizes! 

  3. What type of challenges have you encountered with working with family?
    Tricia: People always email Natalie or Tim when it’s supposed to go to me! Or, people think that Tim is my husband?
    Tim: People always think I am married to my sister or cousin.
    Natalie: People always get our emails mixed up!

  4. What are the benefits? Or favorite part about working together?
    Tricia: Love spending time with my family. You always have a helping hand and support each other when needed.
    Tim: They help create a fun, selfless workplace atmosphere. They, in addition to every else in the office, collaborate really well.
    Natalie: It’s great having Tricia as a mentor since we have been in many of the same positions at Lansdowne. She really helped to pave the way for my career and has always been extremely supportive.

  5. Do you catch yourself using nicknames? How does the rest of the team react?
    Tricia: Tim = Wolfgang or Wolfy (from out trip to Germany) and Tank – he was a huge baby
    Tim: Tricia = Trish the Dish – or Tweety Bird. Natalie = Natty Light
    Natalie: We always shorten each of our names… Trish, Tim, Nat

  6. When you close your eyes and think about the good life, where do you see yourself?
    Tricia: Spending time with my family/friends and my nephew
    Tim: Playing in an extremely large tournament of Slam Ball (beach game) with family and friends.
    Natalie: Always making time for things that you love to do and make you happy.

  7. What is your favorite part about working at Lansdowne that has inspired the rest of the family to join?
    Tricia: The location, the people, the family oriented work/life balance
    Tim: The people at the resort are great, it’s like a big family.
    Natalie: The friendly and warm atmosphere of all that work at Lansdowne.



Lansdowne_Group_Family_McListers back to back 2 Tricia McLister, Senior Sales Manager. Tim McLister, Recreation Sales Manager, and Natalie Mclister, Executive Meetings Manager
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