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Just like a 300-yard drive, a five-foot putt counts as one stroke on the scorecard.

While not all of us can bomb a drive 300 yards, we all possess the ability to make a five-foot, or a 10-foot, or a 25-foot putt! The more putts you can make, the better score you can record. Just check out this video on how to improve your distance control on the greens, so you can sink more putts!

Here's a great drill to try, not only if you are playing golf in Northern Virginia at The Golf Club at Lansdowne, but also at your home course - so, give it a try!

Place a tee into the green at about 15-feet and 30-feet away from where you plan to putt. Practice trying to roll the ball exactly to the tees you placed on the green. The idea is to hit the tee, so you don't putt the ball too far beyond the tee, or have the ball come to a stop too far short of it.

Make sure you use the tees for judging distance control and not the actual hole. Why? Well, if you putt it too far and the ball just happens to fall into the hole, you won't know how far the ball would have traveled past if you did not make the putt. The idea of the drill is to putt to an exact distance and try to putt the ball that far, no further and no shorter.

After getting better at distance control for relatively flat putts, you can then introduce things like slope, uphill putts, downhill putts and left and right breaking putts. The idea is to judge your distance. Once you do that, you will find yourself not only making more putts, but also experiencing fewer of the dreaded three putts in your round!

Give it a try and play more golf!


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