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As the saying goes, "drive for show and putt for dough."

As golfers seek to improve their game and shave strokes off their score, the best place to start is with the putter. Just imagine trimming 4-5 shots off your score - it could be the difference between an 80, or a 75!

At our Northern Virginia golf courses near Washington, DC, the greens on our Robert Trent Jones, Jr. and Greg Norman courses are smooth and can be lightning quick. However, given our pristine conditions, it can be an opportunity to make more putts.

Try this: Many professional golfers draw a line on their ball to assist them with lining up their putts. Some golf manufacturers are actually creating golf balls with the line already on it. If you do not have this type of ball, many golf shops sell a simple stencil that will allow you to draw a line on the ball to assist you with alignment.

So, draw the line on your ball. Then, as you stand behind your ball and envision the path your ball will take after you putt it. From there, make sure you place the ball on the green with that line and the path matching. Lastly, use the line on your putter to keep that line from the time your address the ball, into your backswing and as you follow through.

From there, it's all about judging speed and distance. But, if you use the line on your golf ball and carefully align it with your path, you should be closer to holing more putts and shaving a few strokes off of your score.

Good luck and we hope to see you soon at The Golf Club at Lansdowne - named one of the Top 50 'Places to Play' by GolfStyles magazine.


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