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The Ultimate Guide to Have a Healthy Holiday Season

Holiday feasts.  Those two words might summon up a bit of anxiety.  You know, those extra sweet, creamy, salty, delicious and festive, dishes we all love and fear.   Stop the worry. Let’s hit the facts. 

First, don’t fear the 5- 7 pound holiday weight gain myth.  Most of us might gain 1-2 pounds during the holidays and if we increase our physical activity we just might be able to come out even by January 1!

Here are a few tips to help keep us fit and trim over the holiday season and beyond:

  • Practice mindful eating every day.  Practice makes perfect so try to make a conscious effort to keep portions in check, chew slowly, put your fork down between bites and taste your food.  Social situations can be tough on the calorie counts but keeping a mental checklist of the amounts you are consuming will keep you in balance.
  • Let exercise be your stress relief. Not Food!  The holidays can be stressful. Make the effort and try hard to take at least 30 minutes out of your day for exercise of your choosing.  Just get out and move.  And you might just have 10 minutes here and there.  Awesome!  Don’t forget to always take the stairs, park in the farthest parking spot and walk, do walking meetings at work. Go for it! 
  • Enjoy not deprive.  Festivities are a huge part of the holidays.  One day of excess does not equal failure.  The key is to find balance in our lives. Need some help getting started? Seek out a trainer, fitness instructor or health coach who can answer your questions and concerns.  Being mindful and responsible for your well-being starts with you!

So get started now and plan to keep going. Remember that what you do EVERYDAY matters a whole lot more than what you do once in a while!  Happy Holidays!

For more information, please contact Doreen Zebdi, MA -  Certified Ace Health Coach at the Lansdowne Health Club.



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