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In order to help you become a better golfer, the PGA professionals at The Golf Club at Lansdowne are prepared to give you weekly tips to help you lower your scores.

This week, head golf professional Craig Forgash talks about alignment and how you should stand in relation to the golf ball and where you plan to hit it.

When aligning yourself to your target – be careful in how you aim your body and foot line to your intended target. Your ball target-line is set directly to the target. However your feet need to be parallel left to the target line - not directly at the target.

Think of the 2 parallel lines represented in a rail-road track.

Steps to great aim and alignment:

•        When addressing the ball, start by holding the club in your right hand (for right handed players and left hand for left handed players) and step into the ball using your trail leg (leg that is farthest away from the target)

•        You will want to aim your clubface at the target or the direction you want the ball to start if playing a fade or draw.

•        Now set your feet and body so they are parallel to the clubface

•        Put your other hand on the club.

•        Take a look at the target to make sure you are aimed where you want to go.

•        Follow these simple quick steps on every shot and you shouldn’t have to worry about your alignment or aim anymore.

For help with you game, visit your PGA Professional at Lansdowne Resort in Leesburg, VA.

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