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It’s 6:30 AM and you’re in a CrossFit class with Chef Marcus

Marcus Repp is the resort’s Executive Chef and a CrossFit coach. He says he does both because doing CrossFit requires not only physical fitness but mental strength what helps in this high stress position with long hours and challenges every day. Known as a thought leader in the culinary scene, Repp has provided a tremendous amount of creative solutions for our culinary team.

Let’s dig in deeper and get to know more about how he lives a healthy lifestyle!

  1. How do you find balance between the kitchen and staying healthy and fit?
    Being a chef is a busy job and taking time every day is challenging. Nevertheless I make time for CrossFit and spending time with my dog Naya. I also enjoy travelling around Loudoun County and meeting with farmers and other chefs to see what is new and what we can incorporate in our new menus. It’s important to take time out and get refreshed. Meditation helps me to stay focused and affirmation of new goals private and in business. Also giving back and doing work for nonprofit organizations that take care of the less privileged keep me motivated.

  2. I understand you teach CrossFit at the resort. How did you get into CrossFit?
    I was seeking a fitness program that would help me stay fit in this demanding job and CrossFit seemed like the best way to not only get fit physically but also mentally. I started CrossFit in almost six years ago, back in 2011. I like the community aspect and that we are rooting for everyone to be the most successful version of themselves.

  3. What’s your favorite exercise if you only have 30 minutes?
    I love lifting; there is just something about being able to lift a loaded barbell. If I only have 30 minutes to exercise, I would do a combination of 21 box jumps, 15 squats and 9 burpees. It gets your blood flowing and warms up your body a little in short period of time.

  4. Do you have any particular eating regiment? If so, how did you find out about it and what is your practice?
    I love food … after all I am a chef, I am trending to healthier options lately. I love a fresh picked salad with a quick herb dressing. My son is a vegetarian so we cook healthy at home usually. Does a grilled cheese count? Just kidding. I am counting Macros right now, it’s a great way to still have a beer or a dessert and control the calorie intake.

  5. What is Macros Counting exactly?
    It’s an eating habit that follows a macro guideline. You will distribute 40% of your calories to protein, 40% to carbohydrates and 20% to fat.

  6. What advice would you give someone who’s interested in starting to count their macros?
    I recommend to download an app called My Fitness Pal. It can be used as your personal nutritionist. You can count the calories and track if you meet your daily goals.

Marcus’s passion goes beyond the kitchen! He loves to share his culinary skills with local community members. Every Saturday at 2:30pm, Lansdowne Resort and Spa invites you to experience a cooking class as you watch the Lansdowne culinary team and Chef Marcus to cook, peel, dice and sauté their way to a delicious dish. Learn new techniques from the pros while getting a primer on how to incorporate a “farm to table” philosophy into your own home cooking. Cap off the event with a scrumptious taste of the finished product. To sign up, visit our Lansdowne Market or for more information call 703-729-8400.


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