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Icebreaker Tips for Your Next Meeting

Meet Trevon Hauth, the new Recreation Director at Lansdowne Resort and Spa. Not only is he an Eagle Scout, but has the best time working in team development with a combination of recreation and adventure. His approach to his work life is not the usual “work hard, play hard”, it is more like a combination of the two, as he gets to play at work! Learn more about his most amazing experiences and recommendations on your next team building activity that need to be just a tad bit silly.

  1. What are three items you would bring to a desert island?
    My wife, she would kill me if I was stuck on an island without her…
    As an eagle scout I need my swiss army knife! With that I could do pretty much everything I would need to survive.
    Endless supply of tacos! I am a huge fan of tacos, and could think of no better way to spend time on an island than eat tacos.
  2. What three people would you invite to a dinner party? 
    I am a big fan of Simon Sineck, and I think he would stimulate some great conversation.
    Dave Grohl, amazing musician with great stories of collaborations and musical journeys.
    Martin Luther King Jr., I have always been amazed at his ability to inspire. 

  3. What’s your ideal weekend like? 
    I can never get enough time with my family, and we love to get outdoors! Ideally I would be outside of cell service, I have an almost teenager, and get to do a mix of hiking and water activities. We would wind down with some campfire cooking, and take up our new favorite past time of axe throwing. 

  4. What are your favorite team building activities to do with groups? 
    Team building is a science, and my favorite programs are those that allow me the time to align the program with their needs. The activities I choose can be tailored to drive home goals, and when you are able to make connections back to the workplace it makes it so much more satisfying for both me the facilitator, and the group as well. 

  5. What’s the biggest career risk you’ve ever taken?
    Just after finishing my MBA I turned down a safe banking job in Alaska to come work for a small adventure company in Northern Virginia. It was a bit of a leap of faith and a huge move from Dallas, Texas. It all paid off and I gained experience working for a small company that I would never have obtained working for a huge bank!

  6. Do you have tips for big and for small groups to do in their workplace to break the ice or reaching goals?
    Companies with 10- 50 employees:
    Breaking the ice- People want fun, and it is ok to be a tad bit silly! Take the time to research a quick game or two or even ask you kids what they do to have fun in gym or the first week of school. The quick application of these can have a huge impact.
    Reaching goals- in a smaller team environment you need great communication and honesty with one another. If you can get this down the goals and tasks will take care of themselves.

    Companies with more than 100 employees:
    Breaking into smaller groups is key for icebreakers but doing a joint activity or challenge and taking pictures to share in a company email can bring together even a global company, try it!
    Role clarity and goal clarity are key for larger companies. If you cannot be clear on who is in what role, and what you all are working towards their will be no hope for the smaller teams to work effectively. 

  7. What are the types of team building activities you suggest for big groups and for small groups?  Any team building series can be done in bigger or smaller groups, it is just a matter of how many groups you want. If you are looking to get some actual results or takeaways you need smaller groups of 10 or less. If you are looking to just have fun and network then the group size doesn’t matter. Understanding what you want as a result will make all the difference in what activities make the most sense!

  8. What type of team building activities you recommend that are fun and geared towards Millennials at Lansdowne? Team bonding is huge for Millennials right now, instead of just hitting the bar or something along those lines, mix it up with a lip sync battle, or our own version of shark tank. Millennials love to think outside the box and use technology to help get them there, we have some options for you!

  9. Describe someone outside of your field who inspires you?  I am a big fan of people pushing limits, my favorite inspiration comes from explorers, athletes, and military examples of overcoming all odds. One of my favorite quotes is actually from Star Wars, Han Solo: “never tell me the odds.”

  10. Lansdowne is all about helping the local community. What are the different types of Give Back Team Building programs? These community give back programs are some of my favorite to facilitate. Team building for a greater purpose can unite teams in an extremely positive way. We work with several local organizations and build programs around their needs. We can do activities where the result is bikes being built for struggling families, canned goods are donated after creating your own putt putt golf course, and school supplies are bundled after a searching across our property for supplies in a scavenger hunt. We are always looking for new ideas from needs we have here in the community, and love building these programs!


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