Spa Treatments

Restore your body, mind and soul. If you need a refuge from daily stress, escape to Spa Minérale and discover paradise.

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The art of massage is refined at Spa Minérale. Whatever your needs or time frame, you can have your own personalized experience. Deep tissue, aromatherapy and hot stone massage are just a few ways to let stress melt away. You won't believe what a difference even a 25-minute massage can make!

Classic Swedish Massage

A deep sense of tranquility and relaxation of the body, mind and soul is achieved through this whole body Swedish massage.
50 Minutes  |  $130
75 Minutes  |  $200

Golfer's Massage

Targeting the top stress points for golfers including the lower back, neck, shoulders and more this massage is perfect for pre-round conditioning or post-round tension relief.
50 Minutes  |  $130
75 Minutes  |  $200

Deep Tissue Massage

Facilitate muscle recovery with this massage designed to relieve muscle tension. Perfect for athletes, this massage also promotes an improved range of motion and increased flexibility.
50 Minutes  |  $150
75 Minutes  |  $210


Using an ancient Chinese art of relaxation, this treatment involves the application of pressure to specific reflex points located in the feet that correspond to related glands, organs and systems of the body. The result is improved circulation and restored body balance.
25 Minutes  |  $85

Aromatherapy Massage

Experience the healing qualities of aromatherapy essences combined with traditional massage techniques. Your therapist will help you choose from a custom blend of essential oils tailored to your specific needs.
50 Minutes  |  $140
75 Minutes  |  $200

Hot Stone Massage

Warm, naturally polished volcanic stones are placed on key stress relief points. Additional stones are used as massage tools to stimulate circulation, relieve tension and send you to a state of complete serenity.
50 Minutes  |  $150
75 Minutes  |  $210

Head, Neck and Shoulder Massage

A massage focusing on the areas where most stress and tension manifest in the body leaving you relaxed and rejuvenated.
25 Minutes  |  $85

Mother-To-Be Massage

Feel pampered and nurtured with this treatment specifically designed for expectant mothers. This massage targets the neck, back and weight-bearing joints to relieve stress and increase circulation.
50 Minutes  |  $140
Please note: This massage can only be done if you are past your thirteenth week of pregnancy.

Couples Massage

Share your unique massage experience with someone special, side-by-side in our couple's treatment room. Each of you can relax with a Classic Swedish, Golfers, Deep Tissue, Aromatherapy or Hot Stone massage.
50 Minutes  |  Priced based on treatment.
75 Minutes  |  Priced based on treatment.

Body Treatments


Spa Minérale Salt Glo

As water from our Vichy shower cascades over you, your entire body is exfoliated with a combination of our sea salt and bath gel. After a rinse in our invigorating shower, Spa Minérale body butter is applied leaving your skin soft and refreshed. This luxurious service is completed with our hydrating body spritz.
50 Minutes  |  $140
Please note: If you have sensitive skin, our Spa Minérale Body Scrub will be used for the exfoliation.

Spa Minérale Mineralizing Wrap

Nurture your body and soul, by beginning with a complete loofah exfoliation. Then warm, soothing white mud is applied from the neck down and you are enveloped in a blanket of hot, moist towels. While wrapped, you are pampered with a scalp and neck massage. This signature treatment concludes with a stimulating shower followed by a hydrating body spritz.
50 Minutes  |  $160

Spa Minérale Deluxe Body Treatment

Melt away the stress caused by a hectic lifestyle and restore life to dry, damaged skin. This signature treatment starts with a complete body exfoliation using our Spa Minérale body scrub. After a rinse, our signature body butter is gently applied to your skin with long, flowing strokes. Relax as you are lightly wrapped in hot, moist towels and receive a scalp, neck and foot massage.
75 Minutes  |  $200

Skin Care & Revitalizing Facials

Both men and women will enjoy our expert nail services, and relaxing hand and foot treatments which incorporate signature Spa Minérale products to soften the skin.

Professional Peel

Maintain a smooth and radiant complexion with a combination of glycolic and salicylic acids that lift away dry, damaged skin cells and promote skin cell activity for a smoother complexion. This facial is suitable for problem prone, mature or sun-damaged skin.
50 Minutes   |  $140

Natural Eye Therapy

Revitalize the eye area with a specialized massage technique that eliminates puffiness, minimizes fine lines and decreases dark circles, providing the look and feeling of complete renewal.
25 Minutes  |  $70

Antioxidant Facial

Using a rich, nourishing botanical blend of antioxidants and age defying ingredients this facial provides your skin with immediate rejuvenation.
50 Minutes  |  $135

Classic European Facial

The most complete facial for any skin type. A thorough analysis before the treatment will help your esthetician to select products designed to maintain a healthy skin balance. This facial includes a deep cleansing; shoulder, neck and facial massage; and a nourishing mask.
50 Minutes  |  $135

Vitamin C Aromatherapy Facial

Illuminate your complexion and invigorate your sun-damaged skin by boosting the production of collagen with the antioxidant vitamin C and a relaxing facial massage.
25 Minutes  |  $85

Anti-Aging Skin Defense Facial

A deeply relaxing and intensely hydrating facial that helps to soften the appearance of expression lines. This age management treatment fights fine lines by firming and hydrating, leaving your skin feeling completely refreshed.
75 Minutes  |  $200

Three-Dimensional Hydrating Facial

Using the latest scientific knowledge regarding hydration, this facial works to replenish moisture to every layer of the skin. The soft, soothing feel of newly moisturized skin will enhance your well-being.
75 Minutes  |  $200

Spa Services for Men

Spa Minérale offers an array of special treatments designed with our discerning male guests in mind. From the perfect post-golf massage, to a soothing facial that will leave you ready to take on the day, reveal a whole new side of you.

Men's Manicure

This manicure includes a warm conditioning treatment for your nails and cuticles, an exfoliation and a hand and forearm massage with our Spa Minérale Body Butter. Your nails are shaped and finished with your choice of either a natural buff shine or clear polish application.
30 Minutes  |  $40

Men’s Pedicure

Start out with a whirlpool footbath, then receive a foot and leg massage followed by an exfoliation treatment. We finish with a cuticle treatment, nail shaping and a natural buff shine.
30 Minutes  |  $65

Men’s Detoxifying Facial

Our skincare products for men will soothe irritation caused by shaving, sun exposure, and alcohol based after-shave cologne. Let our estheticians cleanse, add moisture and calm your skin down. We include a series of relaxing massages for the scalp, face, neck and shoulders.
50 Minutes  |  $120

Facial Trimming

Mustache Trim  |  $20
Beard Trim  |  $30

Young Spa Goers

To celebrate the next generation of spa-goers, Spa Minérale has designed a series of treatments, for our guests aged 13-17, to teach tips and techniques that will establish a sound foundation for a lifetime of beauty and healthy skin.

Mini Massage

Targeting the head, neck, arms and shoulders this is perfect for relaxation and stress relief. This massage is designed as an introduction to massages and the health benefits they provide.
25 Minutes  |  $75

Ultimate Massage

A more complete massage focusing on the whole body, this Swedish massage will be personalized to you and is designed to relax stressed muscles and provide relief from soreness resulting from strenuous activities.
50 Minutes  |  $115

Vitamin C Facial

Invigorate and brighten your skin with the rejuvenating powers of the antioxidant vitamin C and relaxing facial massage.
25 Minutes  |  $75

Total Facial

A variation on the classic European facial designed to introduce you to healthy skin care practices. After this complete cleansing and facial massage, you will be given customized instructions for a daily at home skincare.
50 Minutes  |  $115

Mini Manicure

A simple manicure teaching proper cuticle care and nail shaping techniques, enhanced with an application of your preferred nail color from our collection.
30 Minutes   |  $40

Simple Serenities

At Spa Minérale, our Simple Serenities are designed to offer you flexibility and variety to create the perfect escape suited to help you restore your body, mind and soul. Before, during or after your serenity, we invite you to enjoy the use of our lounges, whirlpools, saunas and steam rooms.

All treatments must be taken on the same day.

Simply Hands and Feet

Pamper your hands and feet with a combination of our signature manicure and pedicure.  |  $140

Simply Indulging

Indulge with a classic Swedish massage and classic European facial.  |  $245

Simply Renewing

Renew with a classic Swedish massage, classic European facial and signature pedicure.  |  $320

Simply Rejuvenating

Rejuvenate with a classic Swedish massage, classic European facial and signature manicure and pedicure.  |  $370

Simply Everything

Restore your body, mind and soul with a deluxe body treatment, classic Swedish massage, classic European facial and signature manicure and pedicure.  |  $540

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