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Welcome to our “Like A Pro” Golf Tip Series

With temperatures reaching 90 this week in Northern Virginia, we know that you all have one thing on your mind…perfecting your golf game! We’ve asked Craig Forgash, PGA, our Director of Golf at The Golf Club at Lansdowne to share some of his golfing wisdom with us and we are excited to present our new series, “Like a Pro”, where our staff shares tips and hints about perfecting your game. Be sure to check back on our blog and on our Facebook page for more tricks of the trade this season!

Short Game = Short Swing - Craig Forgash, PGA

When playing shots from around the green, you should always try to use the shortest possible swing to accomplish your shot.  In this way, you reduce the chance that a slightly mis-hit shot has tragic results.  Attempting that Phil Mickelson super-flop from just off of the green may sound great until that long smooth swing catches the ball a little thin and your next shot is from thirty yards away…in the weeds.  Try this general rule for choosing the right shot and even your misses will not hurt you too bad:  Putt whenever you can; Chip when you can’t putt; Pitch when you can’t chip.  Use a longer swing only when necessary and you will find that you don’t have to hit a bunch of perfect shots to play your best round ever!

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