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Thankful Employee from Lansdowne Resort

When I sat down to write my blog this month and saw that I was assigned to the week of Thanksgiving, it caused me to sit back and reflect on the many blessings that surround us. 

There are so many things that I could tell you that I am thankful for but I will stick with one and that is my coworkers at Lansdowne Resort.  I have been fortunate to work here for over 16 years and the relationships that I have built through the years have been invaluable.  When I am talking to my clients, I always tell them that we have a beautiful property….and we do….but anyone can have a beautiful property.  It is the people inside that make the difference and I am grateful for “our” people.

One employee stands out among the rest right now for me because she stood up for another employee in need. We recently had a coworker that was severely burned and someone from our Food & Beverage Department immediately took action. Lana Clark organized a resort team to participate in a local race that raised money for the staff and patients at Washington Hospital Burn Center. There was such a huge turnout for this event overall and all proceeds including sales of tee-shirts, food, and registrations, went to the very worthy cause.

By the way, our employee who was burned is recovering well after two surgeries; and while he has a long road ahead, it is thoughtful gestures like the one organized by Lana that will make his difficult days a little bit easier to manage. This is just one example of “our” people….caring about each other and making a difference in each other’s lives. And for that, I am thankful.

As you meet around the country and the world, I hope that your travels bring you to Lansdowne Resort in Northern Virginia, and you can have the opportunity to meet Lana or any one of my resort family members here. We look forward to meeting you and making a difference in your life.

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