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Lansdowne Resort Thanksgiving Cooking Tip #3: Making Cranberry Sauce

Lansdowne Resort continues their video presentation of helpful Thanksgiving cooking tips with something fun you can try at home. Cranberry sauce is a Thanksgiving holiday tradition, but have you ever tried making the tasty and tangy treat?

Lansdowne Resort executive chef Robert Bradley has a special recipe for a homemade cranberry sauce, but with a unique Southwest twist.

Sautee chopped red onions and jalapeno peppers in a pan, then add a shot of Grand Marnier. CAUTION: Be very careful when adding the alcohol is it is very flammable and could flame up. Add some lime juice and orange zest - a couple tablespoons of each will be enough.

Then, add some fresh cranberries. You can find these at the grocery store. If you cannot locate a supply, ask your grocer as they could order them for you, or refer you to a store that may offer fresh cranberries. Lansdowne Resort is located in a region of the country where fresh cranberries are plentiful.

Chef Bradley says to be mindful of how you cook the cranberries - just a steady medium heat and cook them just enough where they appear as if they are about to burst. At this point, add some vegetable stock, so the cranberries are just barely floating. You will know the cranberries are cooked just right as there will be a nice transfer of color from the berries and into the liquid. Then, add some chopped cilantro.

Now, you are ready to chill the cranberries. Pour them out onto a platter and place into the refrigerator for several hours. The chilling process will allow the cranberry sauce to congeal and form some consistency.

Remove from the refrigerator and add some mandarin oranges around the cranberries, if you wish, for some additional color and flavor.

Good luck and if you are near the Northern Virginia resort, make a reservation for your family for Thanksgiving by calling (703) 726-1449.

Happy holidays from Lansdowne Resort!

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