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Lansdowne Resort Thanksgiving Cooking Tip #5: Southwest Cranberry Nachos

Now that Thanksgiving is over, it's time to deal with all the leftovers from the bountiful feasts enjoyed by family and friends. In a previous Thanksgiving cooking tip segment, Lansdowne Resort executive chef Robert Bradley prepared a tasty Southwestern Style Cranberry Sauce.



Now, with some of the tangy side dish left over, Chef has a great recipe for using the remainder of the side dish: Southwest Cranberry Nachos.

Start with these ingredients:

  • Leftover Southwest Cranberry Sauce
  • Blue Corn Tortillas
  • Roasted Red Pepper Coulis (puree roasted red peppers)
  • Cilantro
  • Goat Cheese

Spread a generous amount of blue corn tortillas onto a large dish. Take the leftover cranberry sauce and sprinkle it atop the tortillas - just like you would add salsa, or black beans to your regular nachos style appetizer. The Southwest cranberry sauce still possesses a little bit of heat from the jalapenos and cilantro used to make it for Thanksgiving Day. Then, add the goat cheese (chef recommends a chevre goat cheese) over the tortillas.

Set the oven to broil and when it is heated, insert the plate of nachos, so the goat cheese can melt down and caramelize. Once the goat cheese is sufficiently melted, carefully remove the hot plate, or dish from the oven. Drizzle the roasted red pepper coulie across the nachos and then sprinkle on some cilantro.

Enjoy your Southwest Cranberry Nachos from Lansdowne Resort!

Happy Holidays!

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