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Lansdowne Resort Thanksgiving Cooking Tip #4: Leftovers

There are three sure things in life: death, taxes and Thanksgiving Day leftovers! No doubt many families have run out of ideas for how to make the holiday leftovers new and exciting. In the continuing series of Thanksgiving Day Cooking Tips, Lansdowne Resort exectutive chef Robert Bradley offers a unique and delicious alternative - Black Friday Benedict breakfast!

In this cooking tip, chef starts with leftover stuffing. From a previous episode, the Northern Virginia resort executive chef prepared a special stuffing using turkey sausage from Lothar's Gourmet meats in Purcellville, Virginia.

Start with a little butter in a large heated pan, then add some fresh spinach. Sprinkle in some salt and pepper and sautee until it is totally wilted, but not overcooked. Move the spinach off to one side of the pan, so it can keep cooking, then add the leftover stuffing. Allow the stuffing to heat. Add some more butter to make sure the stuffing stays moist.

On another burner, take a small pan, perhaps one used for making a small omelet and create a water bath. This is done by filling the pan up about halfway with water. Heat the water almost to a boil - about 180 degrees. Basically, you want to poach an egg (or two). Simply crack the raw egg and pour it into the water bath. if you add a little vinegar to the water, this will create a little more flavor, and the acid will allow the eggs to cook a bit more rapidly. Flip the egg to completely cook it.

Now, you are ready to plate the dish. Place the cooked stuffing on the center of the plate, then add some of the wilted spinach on top. Lastly, place the poached egg on top. Add hot sauce, or hollandaise sauce.

There you have it - a Black Friday Benedict! A tasty and creative way to use some of your leftover stuffing!

Happy Holidays!


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