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Lansdowne Resort Features Luscious Apple Pie Cocktail

The native Virginia apple was small bitter crab apple. This apple was introduced from Europe around 1622 when the Virginia Company sent seedlings from European apples.

Virginia’s climate of warm days and cool nights and consistent rainfall were ideal for apple growing. Apples were an important crop for the new settlers. They provided cider, the beverage of choice, feed for the livestock, and a food source for baking and cooking.

Today, Virginia apples are still very useful and some of the most desired in the country. To utilize the Destination Dish of the Month, Lansdowne Resort incororated the fruit to create a Luscious Apple Pie cocktail.


“Luscious Apple Pie” Cocktail

1.5 oz Oriental Apple Vodka
1.5 oz Vanilla Vodka
.5 oz Dramboui
1 oz Half & Half
Splash of Goldschlager
¼ of an apple muddled 


Muddle apple in liquors, add ice, add half & half to shaker & shake.

Strain into chilled martini glass & serve with a floating apple slice.

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