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Lansdowne Chef Creates Unique Menu Item Pho Real

True culinary artists are always seeking ways to create something new and innovative for guests to enjoy. Recently, Lansdowne Resort executive chef Robert Bradley challenged a staff sous chef to conjure a completely vegan and gluten free dish to be served as a hot entrée for the upcoming spring menu at a resort outlet - The Crooked Billet.

Sous Chef Kevin Brackett welcomed the challenge and immediately began pondering what would be a sensible option as a vegan and gluten free alternative. Inspired by the Vietnamese noodle craze known as "Pho," Brackett created an amazing dish.

Pho consists of broth, herbs, noodles and meat. It is a very popular street food in Vietnam and has caught the attention of many famous chefs around the world - some even basing entire restaurant menus around the dish.

Chef Brackett has created what he calls, Spring Harvest Virginia Faux, a 100 percent vegan and gluten free dish. The vegetables are all from Northern Virginia with the mushrooms originating from nearby Pennsylvania. Traditional items such as rice noodles, miso, tofu and Siracha are also added to the selection. Guests can also choose to add fish or beef. Soy sauce adds depth and richness.

See the Recipe: Spring Harvest Virginia Faux


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