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Golf Tip Tuesday: Get in the G.A.P.

Today's Tip from Lansdowne's pro, Craig Forgash, PGA

The golf swing is an athletic motion that is similar to swinging a baseball bat or a hockey stick so it is important to create a Good Athletic Posture (GAP) to prepare for the swing. Improperly done, the golf swing can put as much stress on the joints and muscles as a minor car accident.

Here’s a drill to help you learn the proper body alignments and club position at address: Try standing up tall with your feet about shoulder width apart. Hold a club in both hands so that your arms hang down from your shoulders and the shaft is parallel to the ground. Start bending at your knees until your kneecaps are directly over the balls of your feet (the front of your shoelaces). Now begin bending at the hips until the shaft of the club is about three inches above your knees (your fingers extended should be touching the top of your knees. Your back should be straight with your tailbone back. From this position, grip the club with the handle of the club directly in front of your belt buckle and the shaft pointing at your spine. Repeat this drill ten times each day and see if you can nail that address position!

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